, is a free online telescope correlator and interferometer, in radio, optical and high-energy spectra.

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OpenVLBI can plot the estimated coverage of your baselines and can fill the coverage paths with the correlated fluxes in the spatial domain.

The main functions of OpenVLBI are to plot and fill the Fourier plane with the visibilities, to mask an estimation of an observation and to stack visibilities of different nodes or times.

An inverse differential Fourier transform is possible to perform after the correlations and aperture synthesis to estimate a possible angular plotting of your observations.

OpenVLBI can join telescopes from all over the world, permitting you to observe the sky at a greater resolution, and it is wavelength neutral also. Data submitted can range from very low frequencies to the optical regime or even X or gamma rays wavelengths. Also single-bit (geiger mode) detectors’ fluxes can be used.

This website hosts an OpenVLBI JSON server and the relative documentation, visit about for more informations.

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