There are some requirements in the FITS files uploaded into
Files uploaded must be smaller than 32MB.
A maximum of 10 files per user can be uploaded.

OpenVLBI needs a set of FITS keyword to setup each individual node.

INDI Library generates compatible FITS file with this format. After an INDI receiver, detector, correlator driver integration is done, an OpenVLBI compatible FITS will be generated and can be uploaded on the dashboard.

Download a sample FITS HDU compatible with OpenVLBI.

These keywords may not be part of the standard FITS keywords, but can be added into the files’ headers before they’re uploaded, in particular these FITS keywords are necessary:

BITPIXBit DepthIntegerSample type8, 16, 32, 64, -32, -64 are allowed values
NAXISDimensionsIntegerOnly 2 is allowed by now
NAXIS1number of samplesInteger
NAXIS2number of streamsIntegerOnly 1 is allowed by now
SITELATLatitude of the observatory or antennaStringDD:MM:SS.SS
SITELONGLongitude of the observatory or antennaStringDD:MM:SS.SS
SITEELEVElevation of the observatory or antennaFloatMeters OSL
EPOCHUnix timestamp of the start of the observationFloatUnix Epoch offsetsub-second values are accepted
OBJCTRAobject right ascension celestial coordinateStringHH MM SS.SSPrecession reference J2000
OBJCTDECobject declination celestial coordinateStringDD MM SS.SSPrecession reference J2000
FREQFrequency of the observationFloatHzOptical frequencies are allowed also
BANDWIDTBandwidth of the observed spectraFloatHzFREQ central bandwidth
SRATESampling rateIntegerSPSCapture samples per second
APTDIADiameter of the telescope or dishFloatMillimeters
FOCALLENFocal length of the telescope or dishFloatMillimeters